Event Information

Join us on Saturday, June 13th from 4-7pm in downtown Point Richmond. Organized by local artists, we invite you to participate by connecting the dots around town or creating one of your own. It's an opportunity to open doors and explore art in our community. Join us to converse and collaborate with good friends and new neighbors. Keep an eye out for red spots and everything in between!

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Point to Point builds off the Pop Up concept of creating unique, temporary installations that provide an interactive experience. This is a non-commercial de-centralized event, with an invitation to everyone to try something new or different one day a month. Transform your existing space, make use of public areas, or become a roaming performer. We encourage collaboration between artists, musicians, and small business to break down boundaries and expectations.

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How to Participate

We welcome the participation of establishments or individuals in frequented or unusual locations. There is no cost or approval required to participate. Anyone may opt-in simply by placing a large visible red dot at their location on the day of the event even without contacting the organizers. There are no required meetings, memberships, or emailing, but we welcome volunteers and organizers. Venues open to sharing their space or individuals looking to collaborate can call (925) 360-0466 or email Pt2PtRichmond@gmail.com